Cool Energy Zeus 3kW Wind Turbine VAWT CE-WTZS3

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CE-WTZS3 Cool Energy 3kW  Wind Turbine 

Extremely durable 3100W wind turbine of the latest generation. By help of our fabrication of fibreglass reinforced PBT plastics, the rotor blades are very durable and stable, at the same time very light. The body case is equipped with cooling fins and consists of aluminium. The maintenance-free sliding contact (free from charcoal) guarantees a good current flow and thereby no twisting of the cable in the pol


  • Wind Turbine Body Material: Aluminium


    Decibel: 50 dB


    Blades Material: Composite


    Blades Length: 107 cm


    Blades Weight: 650 gr


    Rotor Diameter: 225 cm

  • The weight of the wind turbine 24 kg
    • Aluminium body: Perfect for heating and the cooling effect of stator
    • Quieter wings: Improved wing aerofoils 
    • Movement at lower wind speeds: 2 m/s
    • Double bearings: Less vibration
    • Inox bearing: Stainless
    • 3 cable slip ring: This high-tech slip ring is being used in the aircraft industry
    • 2 Year Warranty

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