Cool Energy EcoSyn 80L - All In One Exhaust Air Heat Pump Hot Water System CE-ECOSYN80

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Cool Energy EcoSyn CE-ECOSYN80

The All In One, Exhaust Air Heat Pump Hot Water Solution - 80 Litre Model

Easy to use, install and operate our EcoSyn wall mounted, all in one heat pump tanks are truly the easiest renewable technology to add to any home or business!

Our Eco-Store tank is designed to provide year-round mains pressure hot water for, taps, baths, showers or industry.

Air is simply ducted in and out of the unit from wherever you wish to take heat from!

This could be as simple as two pipes through the wall to outside, working like a standard air to water heat pump taking energy from the outside air. Or it could be placed in a position where there is waste heat around such as a boiler house, factory, kitchen or cellar. Alternatively waste heat could be ducted into it from extractor fans, gyms or ceiling voids ect, and cool air could be returned giving free air conditioning!


  • Simple to install - Plug in electrics
  • Included standard G3 kit, (Expanison Vessel, Combination Valve & PRV)
  • Timed control for water heating periods
  • Timed control for auto disinfection function
  • Large, easy to read Touch Screen LCD
  • Holiday function
  • Boost function 
  • 5 Year Warranty