Salus RM-16A Relay Module

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Salus RM-16A Relay Module

The RM-16A relay module is used to enable / disable electrical devices. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be mounted in a flush-mounting box, or where there is a need to control a receiver with a maximum load of 16 A.

Example use:
• Control of a heating device (ON-OFF type) by 230V AC voltage signal from thermostat from EXPERT NSB, HTR, BTR series (e.g. VS30 / HTRP / BTRP).
• Control of a solid-fuel boiler (which requires an NC/COM contact) by connecting a temperature thermostat with a COM/NO output to the RM16-A relay module (e.g. T105).
• Connecting a receiver which needs more power than the thermostat relay allows. The maximum current consumption of an electrical device should not exceed 16A.
• To relieve wiring centre's relay (KL06 / KL08NSB / KL08RF) when more actuators are connected than allowed or other devices than thermoelectric actuators are plugged into the wiring centre's zone outputs (e.g. pumps, motor valves, electric heating mats).

Technical Specifications

Power supply 230V AC 50 Hz
Rating Max 16 A / 250V AC
Voltage free NO / COM input Connection of a thermostat with a NO / COM voltage free relay
SL voltage inputs Connection of a thermostat with a 230V AC
Output signal NO/COM/NC relay
Dimension [mm] 47 x 47 x 20