CB-500 6 Zone Control Box / Wiring Centre - Heat Pump / Chiller Module

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CB500 Control box (5 zones) 230 V


The CB500 control box is the main element of the underfloor heating / cooling control system. It has a built-in module that controls the heat and cool sources. The control box allows to control 5 different zones. Number of controlled zones can be increased up to 15 zones by using additional CB500X extension modules (CB500 main control box + two CB500X extension modules).  The CB500 has voltage-free outputs designed to control a boiler, heat pump or chiller. It allows you to switch between heating and cooling modes. It is equipped with 230V voltage outputs for a pump and actuators. The spring clamps provide quick and convenient wiring connections. The control box is designed to work with NC (normally-closed) type actuators.

Product features:
• control of 5 independent zones
• heat pump control
• heating and cooling modes
• advanced boiler, chiller and pump control modules
• quick installation with the spring clamps terminals
• wires protection against pulling out
• compatible with CB500X control box extension
• surface mounting or on DIN rail

Technical specifications

Power supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Total Load Max 7A
Pump / Boiler / HP (Chiller) Max. relay load 5A
Inputs Heating / Cooling modes change (volt free) & Dew point sensor
Outputs Boiler control output (volt free), Heat Pump/Chiller control output (volt free), Pump control (AC 230V), Actuators (AC 230V)
Dimensions [mm] 270 x 110 x 55